The Wedding Women

Carla And Andrea Are The Wedding Women (Don’t ya know!)

They are the proprietors of Ann’s Classic Affairs and they just love brides and everything wedding. They created a YouTube series called “Don’t Ya Know” to share their knowledge and experience on everything from buying a dress to walking down the aisle.

You can visit and subscribe to their channel here at The Wedding Women on YouTube or watch any of the videos below.

If there is something you want to ask the women then use the Contact Us page to email them and maybe you’ll see it in a future episode.

The Wedding Women – Episode 4 – Bridal Gown Construction

Carla and Andrea give you the scoop on what goes into a dress (besides you!) including boning, corsets, horsehair, and buttons.

Bridal Bridal Bit 2 – Tips When Trying on a Wedding Dress

Did you know that according to your body shape there are different ways to step into a gown? Well, don’t miss Andrea’s expert advice in this bridal bit.

The Wedding Women – Episode 3 – Bridal Gown Alterations and Customization

Almost every wedding dress needs some alterations after you purchase it, don’t ya know. This time the Wedding Women talk about some of the things that you might need to do to customize your gown to make it perfect just for you.

Bridal Bit 1 – Carla’s Mother’s Wedding Dress Styles

This is the first of many Bridal Bits, which are quick tips and information from The Wedding Women at Ann’s Classic Affairs. For our first Bridal Bit, Carla answers the questions, “what’s the story behind the vintage dress behind the desk?”

The Wedding Women – Episode 2 – Bridal Gown Styles

This time Carla and Andrea discuss various wedding dress styles, like the Ball Gown and the Fit and Flair, and explain the differences between the shapes so you have an idea of what type you might want when you go shopping for your perfect dress.

The Wedding Women – Episode 1 – What to Expect When Going Bridal Gown Shopping

In this first episode, Carla and Andrea give some tips on what you can expect when you go bridal gown shopping.

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