Wedding Wednesday: Buyer Beware

So, you’re looking for the perfect dress but don’t want to break the bank! We’ve all been there. Did you know that you can purchase a counterfeit wedding dress online for next to nothing? Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? Unfortunately, its too good to be true!!  Even if you DO get the dress you purchased, chances are its a knockoff version made of POOR quality material and you’re going to be VERY disappointed. All bridal manufacturers sell through retail shops. Make sure you do your research, and NEVER buy online!!

Have you ever had this happen to you? The International Bridal Manufacturers’  Association wants to know about it! Go to for more information!!

We at Ann’s Classic Affairs are not associated with the  International Bridal Manufacturers’  Association but we HATE it when a customer comes in and tells us about the “perfect” dress they found online that never came.  Whether you purchase a dress from us or somewhere else, but lets be honest…we want you to come to us, PLEASE don’t buy any formal wear online.

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